The Broke Girl’s Guide to L.A. — Everything Under $15!

With Coachella and a season of expensive getaways around the corner, we’re making a valiant effort to stretch every last dollar at home. But, just because we’re stashing our cash doesn’t mean we have to be Debbie Downers about it. With that in mind, we’ve scouted the raddest happenings around town — all for under $15 bucks a pop.
From wine tastings to retro roller skating, these must-dos will keep your wallet fat and happy in the foreseeable future (starting this weekend, in fact!). For good measure we also threw in a few free activities. Now, pull up that iCal and get ready to pack in some seriously cheap thrills. Those monthly credit card statements will be much easier to swallow after perusing this list — you can pay us back thank us later!