So, We Just Found All Your Summer Shoes, All Under $50

We're pretty much halfway through summer, and I have to admit that I'm wearing sneakers as I write this. That's right, I'm coming clean — I'm a fashion editor, and I didn't buy a pair of sandals for summer '16.
The main problem? Most sandal trends, save for a few classic styles, start to feel outdated after about one year, whereas sneakers and boots come in versions that inherently withstand the test of time (when has a black bootie ever not been in style?). Plus, sandals are generally much less sturdy than a sneaker or a boot, and they don't usually look cool at all when they're beat up. All of these points together make me feel like I must choose a new pair of sandals very, very wisely...if at all.
So year after year, I find myself stuck in a conundrum: I don't want to spend lots of money to buy new sandals or summer shoes that I'll wear for only one season (or possibly two, tops, if I'm lucky), but I want in on the new trends.
I was ready to just forego open-toed anything this summer when I stumbled across a hidden sandal haven last week — the shoe section at one of my favorite affordable shops, Charles & Keith. As I browsed through all the steppers available on the brand's site, a few things happened: One, I noticed myself saying "want" aloud to the computer screen. Two, I realized that all my "wants" were, astoundingly, under $50. That doesn't happen. Ever. So this summer I'm changing my tune and buying a pair, or maybe even two or three. The under-$50 price tag mixed with really solid design is just something I can't pass up.
Take a look at the slideshow ahead, and put your best foot forward for the rest of this summer, guilt-free.

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