What Recession? Chanel Handbags Now Cost $3400

Unless your dad happens to be a Russian oligarch or you're a princess from Saudi Arabia, couture handbags and signature shoes from the house of Chanel pretty much cost a king's ransom. So, if you've been saving every last nickel and dime for one of the iconic quilted bags or a pair of double-C ballet flats, the days of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ramen noodles are far from over. Instead, prepare for some more serious penny-pinching—the French brand just jacked up prices around 30%, with a particularly noticeable increase on accessories. The classic chain-link handbag is now completely breaking the bank, costing $3400 at most NYC retailers, a steep hike from $2600, which was hardly a bargain in the first place. But if you just can't live without your double C's, hitch a ride out of the city to Long Island's Nordstrom, where prices haven't been up-ed just yet. At $900 cheaper, you may actually feel as though you've just scored the bargain of a lifetime.

Nordstrom; 630 Old Country Road (off the Meadowbrook Parkway); New York; 516-663-6370