You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without These Sunglasses

Photographed by Taylor Jewell, Paramount Hotel.
Every good wardrobe revolves around a few timeless, well-loved mainstays. Those black ankle boots, that buttery leather jacket, a pair of love-worn jeans — these are the pieces that define us. And, the ones we return to again and again when our obsession with [insert trend here] inevitably fizzles. But, even among the crème de la crème, we have favorites — and sunglasses always come out on top.
Hovering between accessory and necessity, shades form a critical piece of our fashion identities (think John Lennon's round frames, Audrey Hepburn's oversized styles) — they quite literally color the world around us. So, with that hefty job description in mind, we teamed up with Cartier to bring you sunglasses that can truly take your style up a notch — namely the brand's Trinity, Santos, and Panthère collections.
Cartier's eyewear is crafted with the same attention to detail as its jewelry, even applying a few of the same tried-and-true techniques. The result is sunglasses that are in a league of their own. To truly do them justice, we captured these gems in their natural habitat: gallivanting about the city. Each image tells a story, and every story needs a heroine. So, flip on through and find one that speaks to you. Your next adventure is just around the corner.