This Pop-Up Shop Is Selling A $2 Million Ring

opPhoto: Courtesy of Cartier.
Cartier's NYC store is under renovation, which could have meant two things for the iconic brand. They could have either waited for two years to re-open with the changes complete or found a different location to do the job in the meantime. Luckily, for fiancés and fine-jewelry enthusiasts everywhere, they went with the latter.
Just last week, Cartier opened up a temporary shop at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue to house their gems and leather goods while the mansion is under construction. But, this ain't no regular pop-up. Instead, the boutique, which is right next to the Apple store, shines like the rings inside. In addition to the encased collection, there are chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and luxe wood panels adorning the walls. However, the piece de resistance may be a $2 million ring that is a canary-yellow dream from heaven. Or, you know, from Fifth Avenue.
Cartier, 757 Fifth Avenue (at 59th Street).