5 Wildly Glamorous Camping Spots To Check Out Immediately

When it comes to camping, everyone has a different definition of "roughing it." For some, this means no place to charge your iPhone and zero Wi-Fi. For others, it looks pretty similar to what goes down in Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid. Then, there are the Phyllis Neflers of the world: The kind of people who avoid the outdoors altogether, incapable of understanding why anyone would ever want to sleep on rocks at an unsuitable campsite instead of tucked away in a comfy bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel. For them, glamping was a getaway game changer.
While the concept of luxurious camping might turn off serious lovers of the great outdoors, there are some clear advantages: You get to experience nature without having to sacrifice basic comforts, like flushing toilets and electricity; and, you might end up on an even better mattress than the one you have at home.
Ahead, we break down the best glamping options in California (and, beyond!), featuring a little something for every type of camper. Are you looking for a teepee that's furnished as a suite? Maybe a yurt you can rent for the weekend? We've got it all — including something for those of you who've always dreamed of sleeping in a nest.