Brimfield Or Bust: The World's Greatest Yard Sale Returns

Last week, we snuck away from the chains of Chart Beat to head up to the Brimfield Antiques Show. For those of you not familiar, Brimfield is truly the most awesome—and enormous—yard sale on the planet, and its where all your favorite mood-setting restaurants, boutiques, and lounges get all their insanely unique furnishings. It happens three times a year, and, on opening day, you're bound to find just about anything. From vintage '70s locker banks to Schiaparelli jewelry and hats to pristine Wegner dining sets, Brimfield is like mecca for the thrifter at heart.
And so, here are a few snaps of our favorite sites...and if you click through, you can even buy a few things we picked up along the way.

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