Bewitching: 7 Blingy Body Pieces That’ll Cast A Spell On You

Maybe it’s the fantastical plot twists on HBO’s Game of Thrones, or perhaps just lingering Coachella-fever that has us pining for spindly, sultry, bohemian body jewels. Whatever the cause, we’ve started imagining these enchanting chains — a whole range of understated hand adornments, heavy-metal shoulder toppers, and armor-like chest pieces — starring in our spring and summer wardrobes.
Layered over a basic tee and paired with washed denim for a day of errands, worn atop a wispy dress for date night, or layered underneath, well, anything, these body adornments promise to add a kick of Black Magic Woman sex appeal to whatever you’re rocking. Not down with the heavier armor? Fair enough, but we've got cascading ear cuffs and delicate hand pieces that are fit for a California goddess, just for you. Ready to see what we mean? Click through for 7 bewitching body baubles.