Which Belted Blake Lively Do You Like Best?


Let's just called it The Tale Of Two Belted Blakes. That has a nice bestseller ring, right? Last night,
Blake Lively
rocked the err, purple carpet at the grand opening of
Realm Boutique
with not one, but two belted ensembles. She posed for snaps first with her tan Martin Grant mini-trench, which had a caramel leather belt sexily threaded through. Then, she ditched the jacket for an interesting shirt-dress-ish affair with a decorative, Vivienne Westwood tan cincher. While some gossip sites were less than enamored with the looks (especially of the shirt tails peaking out beneath the sparkly skirt), we think it's kind of cool—germane too, considering it was a party hosted by Jean-Claude Jitrois. The question is, which belted-Blake do you like more?

Photo via Neil Rasmus/Billy Farrell Agency