60 Seconds With Blake Lively

Last week, at a Tiffany's event to celebrate their spring '11 eyewear collection, we snuck in a quick word with Gossip Girl Blake Lively, who was high off her new hit The Town. But rather then discuss acting, we quizzed her on all things fashion. She's certainly one of our fave new style-stars (and definitely A-list, non?), and truth be told, she could NOT have been nicer. Seriously, homegirl kept it real—unlike others we've tried to chat up (Jessica Simpson, we're talking to you). Sad face—she has no plans to do a clothing line...

So our favorite thing you've ever worn is that Chanel red dress with the matching red lipstick and shoes.


Umm, yes! It got so much play. You stepped it up.
Oh thank you.

So, what is your fashion secret?
I don't know, I feel like the more you do anything the better you get at it. I've lived in New York for three years, and I go to more and more shows. My trip to Paris, the designers I get to meet, and I just styled myself the whole time.

You have no stylist?? [wtf]
No I never have.

Wow. That's craziness 2.0.
Well, the more you're exposed to things, and the more influences you have, the better you get—hopefully.

Totally! Would you ever do your own line of clothing?
I feel like there's so many people that are so talented at it that unless I researched more I wouldn't want to do something that had my name on it to make money. I'd rather support the designers. I mean, it's something that I love but right now I am focusing on the other thing—acting.

Yea, but...If you could collaborate with a designer who would it be? [really pressing the point]
I would say Karl Lagerfeld because he's just who you bow down to. But i would never want to collaborate with him because I wouldn't want to say my ideas...I'd be too embarrassed. But i would love to be a fly on the wall when he's designing.

Do you guys like hang out and have pizza parties and sleepovers?
We did in Paris. [big laugh]

Are you going to Paris for any of the shows or the parties? I'd love to, if I have time. I'll try to get there.
xoxo Gossip Girl.