Black Mirror Released Trailers For Each Episode Of Season 5 & They're Intense

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
With the Game of Thrones buzz quieting down, Netflix is taking its place back in the spotlight — and its making every second count. The content mogul dropped three new trailers for Black Mirror season 5 on Tuesday, featuring a slew of well-known cast members including Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, Madison Davenport, and Anthony Mackie. Additionally, Netflix announced some of the tantalizing episodic details — and rest assured; despite this season boasting only three episodes, creator Charlie Booker and executive producer Annabel Jones are pulling out all of the stops to ensure this season is just as (if not more so) dark, twisted, and exhilarating as past seasons.
Ahead, we've gathered details and trailers for each of the all-new episodes from Black Mirror season 5, which drops on Netflix on June 5.

Black Mirror Season 5 Episode 1: "Smithereens"

Cast: Andrew Scott, Damson Idris, Topher Grace
The first episode, titled "Smithereens," centers around Andrew Scott (you probably know him as Jim Moriarty from BBC's Sherlock or, more recently, the Hot Priest in Fleabag season 2), an unstable ride-share driver who, despite listening to relaxation and self-help podcasts, can't seem to control his anger. Though his motives aren't clear in the trailer, we do know one thing: He's got an agenda, and no one, especially not his latest passenger, played by Damson Idris (Snowfall), is going to get in his way.
The episode also features Topher Grace (BlacKkKlansman), who appears to play a long-haired, meditating man. Netflix didn't release many details about his character, but if we had to guess, he's not as innocent as he seems.

Black Mirror Season 5 Episode 2: "Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too"

Cast: Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice, Madison Davenport
Second up, we have "Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too," which dives into the world of pink-haired pop star Ashley (Miley Cyrus) and her adoring fans. On the surface, everything about Ashley's life seems perfect. She's beautiful, famous, and she just launched Ashley Too, a robotic doll which spews feel-good one-liners like "believe in yourself." But underneath the pink wig and behind the TV-show smiles, Ashley's life seems to be falling apart. She's taking medication, getting brain scans, and saying things like "It's getting so hard to keep doing this."
And then something bizarre happens. It appears that someone uploaded Ashley's mind into the Ashley Too, stunning two fans played by Angourie Rice (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and Madison Davenport (Sharp Objects).

Black Mirror Season 5 Episode 3: "Striking Vipers"

Cast: Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Beharie, Pom Klementieff, Ludi Lin
Finally, there's "Striking Vipers," which attempts to answer the question: "Is it possible to tune out and get away from it all?" This episode features Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Endgame), who plays a suburban family man. He has a good job, flips burgers at the BBQ, and is trying to grow his family with his wife (Nicole Beharie). Still, he's miserable and in desperate need of an escape. That's where his college pal (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) comes into play.
Abdul-Mateen II shows Mackie a way to experience a more fast-paced, exciting lifestyle. All he has to do is plug in, and his problems will temporarily disappear. However, in true Black Mirror fashion, temporary solutions seem to come with long-lasting problems.
"Striking Vipers" also stars Pom Klementieff and Ludi Lin.

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