Do Fleabag & Hot Priest Hook Up In Season 2, Or What?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Fleabag season 2.
After lighting up British television, Fleabag season 2 has finally arrived in America thanks to Amazon Prime. When viewers binge through the Phoebe Waller-Bridge masterpiece’s final six episodes, a single question will likely come to consume them: Do Fleabag (Waller-Bridge) and the Hot Priest (Andrew Scott) have sex? Or, as I assume many fans will end up screaming from their apartments, “When will these two fuck?!”
Mercifully, I can confirm Fleabag and her man of the cloth do eventually get it on. And it’s very, very hot. Only, there’s more to this love story than one roll in the hay.
If you want to jump to the exact moment Fleabag and Hot Priest knock boots, please skip to season 2’s fifth episode, the appropriately titled “Episode 5.” Due to prior drama, Priest (like Fleabag, he is not given a name) shows up at Fleabag’s house to announce he will in fact officiate Godmother (Oscar-winner Olivia Coleman) and Dad’s (Bill Paterson) wedding (there was a moment there where this seemed impossible — this will become important information). As Priest begins rambling about how “fucked” his life will be if they have sex, Fleabag realizes they are about to have sex. Thirty seconds later, Priest comes to this same conclusion. Within a minute they’re in bed.
Everything is so good, Fleabag, for once, tilts the camera away from the sex scene. It’s official, Fleabag and Hot Priest now know each other biblically.
But, “Episode 5’s” very sexy sex scene — unlike Game of Thrones’ most famous hookup, there is actual thrusting — isn’t the sexiest part of Fleabag season 2. That well-deserved award goes to the climax of “Episode 4’s” many twists and turns.
First, there’s the emotional component of the installment. Starting in “Episode 3,” we realize Hot Priest is the only one who notices Fleabag’s habit of turning to the camera, therefore leaving whatever earthly conversation she is in to break the fourth wall. By “Episode 4,” he hears Fleabag actually mutter “His beautiful neck,” and calls her out on it. Yes, the moment is extremely awkward. It also proves Priest is the only person on this show who actually sees Fleabag for who she is.
This development comes to a head in Fleabag’s cafe, when Priest demands to know what’s going on with his new “friend,” asking where she “disappears” off to. When she looks at the camera in panic, Priest screams and turns behind him to gaze into the same camera. It’s possibly the best shot of the series. Of course, Fleabag pushes Priest away, uncomfortable over all the emotional intimacy.
She ends the episode going to Priest’s church and trying to find some personal, private absolution. That goal is interrupted when a drunken Priest accidentally calls attention to himself in one of the church’s private rooms. Naturally, Fleabag goes exploring to find out why he’s yelling. When Fleabag asks “Father” what he’s doing, the sexiest line of the series is birthed: “Oh, fuck you for calling me Father, like it doesn’t turn you on just to say it,” courtesy of Priest. It’s a line so subtly sexy, it will burrow into your psyche for all time. It’s on.
This is how Fleabag finds herself unraveling all of her hidden sins in Priest’s confessional booth. When she’s done unburdening herself, Priest orders Fleabag to “kneel,” unleashing the second hottest line of Fleabag. She obliges, and Priest shows up in front of her confessional door to grab her face for a passionate, boozed-up make out. Fleabag and Priest nearly have frenzied sex in his church… until a painting crashes to the ground, reminding them both of God’s presence. Hookup terminated. Hot Priest stumbles away, shocked by his recklessness (hence the near-cancelation of his wedding officiation).
So, yes, Fleabag and Hot Priest do have sex. But, if you skip right to that moment, you’ll miss all the best parts.

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