Yes, That's Kit Harington's Real Butt

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Update: Kit Harington has responded to speculation about the authenticity of his butt during that Game Of Thrones scene. Ladies and gentlemen — it's legit.
"If you’re getting your bum out in front of 60 million people, you do your homework," the actor said on The Jonathan Ross Show according to BuzzFeed. Apparently, he did "lots of squats."
"Is it weird that we’ve all enjoyed your buttocks?" Ross asked.
"Not really no, I’ll get them out for anyone," Harington replied. Noted.
The original story was posted on August 28 at 11:15am.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for Game Of Thrones.
Littlefinger's death? Cersei's betrayal? White Walker dragon? All those events from Sunday night's Game Of Thrones pale in comparison to Jon! Snow's! Butt! Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen fi-na-lly got it on during the season 7 finale of the HBO hit, and while there's definitely a lot to think about after the almost hour-and-a-half episode, all I can see are those smooth, glowing, perfectly round butt cheeks that I can't believe actually belong to real human Kit Harington.
Do they actually belong to real human Kit Harington? After all, he did use a butt double back in 2014. You better believe I reached out for comment, but until we hear back, here's a bunch of other people who were just as blown away as I was by the junk in Kit's alleged trunk.
First off, in case you forgot (for me, personally, it's seared into my retinas), here's what we're working with:
"Jon Snow's butt is yet another example of how the media is poisoning America with body image issues and by America I mean me," a fan captioned the screen grab.
"Me: I'm not really a butt guy. Also me: Jon Snow's ass is why I believe in god." Same.
"Anyone know the actor who plays Jon Snow's butt?" another skeptic asked. "Couldn't find him on IMDB but he def deserves a credit for his cameo."
Okay, quick break so we can see the butt in action:
"Anyone who says they didn't get thirsty seeing Jon Snow's perfect butt - no matter your sexuality - you're a fucking liar."
"I do not support this union... however Jon Snow got a cute butt."
"Just remembered Jon Snow's butt and now I can't stop thinking about Jon Snow's butt." Welcome to the club!!
Aaaaaaaand, here's one more picture of the butt::
May your day continue to be blessed with butts.

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