11 Pics That Prove Beyoncé Is The Queen Of NYC

A few years into her relationship with Jay Z, Beyoncé decided to move to New York, and the city has never been the same. Despite how famous she has become — you could argue she's the most powerful celebrity in the world — Beyoncé never stopped enjoying her favorite things about living in NYC.
She's one of those rare stars who you might spot having a slice at her favorite Brooklyn date spot, Lucali. Or strolling around Tribeca with Blue Ivy. Or even sitting in the crowd at a Nets game. Granted, her husband used to own part of the team, and she looks much better than the rest of us while doing it. But, you can always tell that she loves living in this town just as much as the rest of us do.
In honor of Queen Bey's birthday, we've rounded up pics featuring some of her best ever Big Apple moments. Until the anniversary of Beyoncé's birth has been declared a city-wide holiday, consider it your civic duty to personally celebrate NYC's unofficial first lady.