A Guide To Your Dreamiest Sleep Ever

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Catching Zs, snoozing, getting some shut-eye, conking out, beauty rest, or whatever you want to call it, sleep is an essential part of life — a part that we can never seem to get enough of. As we've aged out of the youthful pulling-all-nighters days, our abilities to sleep soundly have become somewhat compromised. In short, our once ripped PTFO-muscle is now more of an elusive mythic superpower that we're constantly struggling to remaster. And that's exactly why we've crafted a guide to aid fellow troubled snoozers on their journeys to recapturing Zs.
Because sleep solutions are not one size fits all and the sheer amount of available support products out there is vast, we curated the all-encompassing, ergonomic hit-list ahead —spanning the best in memory foam mattresses to hemp-infused wellness goods, thermoregulating sheets to pajama sets, and atmosphere-enhancing gadgets to shut-eye specific literature. Each of the top-reviewed products ahead is specially designed to provide sound sleep, so scroll on to shop yourself in the direction of dreams.
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The Good: Melatonin + Serotonin Light
This UV-free, 10,000 lux-intensity light therapy screen comes with adjustable tones to brightness settings that increase levels of serotonin and melatonin to kickstart happiness, energy, and more regulated sleep patterns.
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The Good: Hemp-Infused Sleep Patch
This transdermal patch (placed on the wrist) packs natural sleep aid power with premium hemp and melatonin to help promote deeper, more relaxed snoozes.
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The Good: The Casper Hybrid Mattress
An update on the ever-popular OG Casper mattress, the Hybrid combines Zoned Support foam — which caters to all the different parts of your body, supporting any pain you may have — with responsive springs that make it sturdier and let more air circulate, so you can have a cool sleep without flipping to the other side of the pillow.
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The Good: Sleep Glasses
Who'd have thought we'd need glasses for a better snooze? Quay's Blue Light filtering frames are not only stylish, but the specially-crafted lenses also provide Blue-Light filtration to cut down digital light headaches, and eye strain for optimal undisturbed slumbers.
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The Good: Portable Sound Machine
This top-rated white noise machine boasts 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon with rave reviews starting at, "The Snooz machine has been the most amazing little machine to help me get a high-quality night of sleep," and not ending with, "This has the best sound of any white noise in the market." The portable gadget emits a non-looping white noise experience generated from a real fan inside the device that can be seamlessly controlled through an accompanying smart phone app.
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The Good: Sleep Support Gummies
Effortlessly grab those Beauty Zs with a bottle of SugarBearHair's sleep-support gummies — the berry-flavored supplements are formulated with a blend of melatonin, lemon balm leaf, passion flower, and valerian root.
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The Good: Glow Lamp
Casper's newest product in sleep innovation focuses on bedroom ambiance — the Glow lamp promotes healthier sleep patterns by intuitively syncing with circadian rhythms to provide strategic bedtime, wake-up, and in-between light levels.
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The Good: Weighted Blanket
This Amazon's Choice buy is a sworn-by sleep support accessory with 4.4 out of 5 stars and well over 1,000 reviews — purchasers claim that this premium-cotton weighted blanket with a glass bead filling is everything from soothing to relaxing and heavenly, helping to put them to sleep faster and keep them asleep longer with optimal weight distribution.
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The Good: Sleep Support + Heartburn Relief
These melatonin and Alka Seltzer-packed gummies not only wield dual-purpose benefits for sufferers of both heartburn and restless sleep, but they also come highly recommended as one of our top Amazon hidden gem purchases.
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The Good: A Reputable Sleep Manual
This New York Times bestseller comes from the sound-sleeping mind of Matthew Walker, UC Berkeley’s director of the Center for Human Sleep Science — it provides a full and informative exploration of sleep's powerful potential described as, "Clear-eyed, fascinating, and accessible, Why We Sleep is a crucial and illuminating book."
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The Good: Sleep Skin Serum
The key to unlocking your best beauty sleep is a few drops of this cult-favorite serum away — crafted from a blend of retinol, blue tansy, and German chamomile essential oils, Luna works to deliver even-toned, luminous, and more youthful-looking skin while you slumber.
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The Good: Ergonomic Sleep Sound Pillow
A hi-tech pillow built by a team of biomedical engineers and industrial designers, the Pilo combines supportive memory foam with built-in sound speakers to create a gentle acoustic and whisper-quality sound field for calming sleep accompaniment.
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The Good: Linen Sheet Set
The recent linen sheet resurgence is more than just a millennial trend, super-soft bedding is woven with breathability in mind for a more temperature-regulated sleep.
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The Good: Sleep Tea
This cheeky tea was specially formulated for troubled sleepers suffering from insomnia, anxiety, or stress — the Tangerine Dream blend promotes pre-bedtime relaxation and calm.
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The Good: Sleep Spray
This best-selling spray is crafted from a calming blend of lavender, vetiver, and chamomile that's formulated to relax your body and mind for more peaceful slumbers.
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The Good: Thermoregulating Pajama Set
Not all PJs are created equal — and this stylish set of washable silk with thermoregulating benefits to help maintain a comfortable body temp while sleeping proves it.
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The Good: Body Pillow
Give your body the extra sleep support it deserves with a horseshoe-shaped, full-body pillow that's crafted to conform to your shape for breathable comfort all night long.
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The Good: Sleep Essential Oil Blend
Drop this soothing blend of sage, copaiba, and lavender oil into a bedside diffuser or onto your wrists and temples for sleep-scent aid — the Amazon's Choice buy is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 4,000 reviews: "Can't say enough good things about this blend. Truly helps me sleep...and I've a long history of insomnia. So you know I've tried lots of things...Will be buying this high quality oil again for diffusing. Great value too!"
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The Good: Light-Therapy Alarm Clock
These clocks work by using a gradually-brightening light (instead of or in conjunction with sound) to simulate sunlight for a natural sleep to waking process — this model combines five natural sound options with 20 different brightness settings that reviewers describe as an entirely gentle wake-up experience.
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The Good: Silk Pillowcase & Sleep Mask
Thermoregulated sleep gear doesn't stop at PJs — try outfitting your head too with a silk mask and pillowcase set that's also designed to reduce damaging friction on skin and hair during sleep.
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The Good: Breathable Comforter
This washable comforter is crafted in the U.S. from a blend of soft and light wool that's ideal for creating a comfortably breathable sleep environment while still keeping you cozy and warm.
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The Good: Dream Dust
Described as a soothing pre-bedtime potion that's specially alchemized to promote high-quality restorative sleep, this vegan blend of super-herbs can be mixed with your favorite nut milk for a sleep-supporting nightcap.

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