The Only Winter Parka You’ll Need, According To Math

Some of us may have a closet dedicated to jackets for every temperature increment and occasion, while others have a tiny curated collection of cold-weather outerwear they rely on heavily this time of year. But, among both groups, each one of us has the one: Your steadfast jacket that's cozy, warm, and always your first choice when getting dressed for the cold. If you haven't identified that one just yet, Rank & Style has helped find the best of the best.
Since the parka is a timeless topper that's a bit athletic yet sleek, and appropriate for most occasions (especially ones involving snow), we asked the math whizzes at R&S to track down the very best one. The one so protective that it makes shivering all the way to work a thing of the past. According to their tabulations, the winner is this style by Canada Goose.
The brand is known for its super-warm outerwear, so it's only fitting that its Kensington Parka finds itself in the No. 1 spot. The design won out for its popularity, helped along by rave customer reviews. The math claims that this parka lives up to the hype.
Of course, while the jacket does have the Rank & Style stamp of approval, there may be one downside for some: it rings in at $745, so we'll call it a worthy investment for a very important seasonal staple. For other winning options for bundling up, explore trenches, down jackets , and other toasty fall topper suggestions that could help you stock your outerwear closet — no matter its size.