The Best Places To Buy (Cute) Underwear in Bulk

Washing our laundry on a regular basis is called a chore for a reason, and if we're being completely transparent, we often avoid doing it for weeks at a time. The thing is, double-dipping into your dirty socks is one thing. Wearing underwear more than once, however, definitely isn't (c'mon, it's gross!). So for those who want to put off cleaning their clothing for as long as possible, buying panty sets might just be the way to go.
You may be familiar with Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 deal, but there are a handful of other sites offering bundles of underwear to help us save money, and make our lingerie closets 13 Going On 30-worthy. So whether you're into fancy, lace numbers or like it sweet and simple and full of proper butt coverage, the steals ahead will help you revamp your undies drawer and help you avoid doing laundry. Because really, what's better than getting two wins for the price of one?

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