Help! I Need An Umbrella That Actually Keeps Me Dry

On days when ominous, gray clouds loom above, your armor against rainfall could also mean the downfall of your outfit. Sure, you've got puddles covered. But, even the toughest of rain boots can't do anything about the defiant drops falling from the edge of your umbrella onto the hem of your skirt. To avoid arriving at your destination half-soaked, you need to find an umbrella that keeps all of you dry.
The key is going big (or, going home and not leaving until it's sunny again). Wider umbrellas may be bulkier than compact ones you can stick in your purse. But, the expanded coverage is key for protecting you against stray drops or spontaneous downpours. We found 13 sturdy options that'll get the job done and work as cute accessories. With the right one, you may even start looking forward to rain. Okay, that's a stretch.