The Best Tops For YOUR Chest (Really!)

For us, summertime has become synonymous with sleeveless, skin-baring tops. And can you blame us? The last thing we want to be wearing at a baseball game, rooftop hangout, or on a sweltering commute is sleeves, a high-neck, or anything that includes too much fabric for comfort. But sometimes, an obstacle gets in our way — and that obstacle is, well, boobs.

Since no two sets of breasts are alike, the same warm-weather shirts aren't going to flatter everyone in the same ways. But before you can get the best top for you, you've got to know what kind of shape you have on your hands chest. Based on 10 common breast shapes, we've rounded up the styles and elements to look for this season. Click ahead to solve your summer style dilemma for good.
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The Shape: Full & Round
The Top: Simple & Silky
If you're #blessed with a naturally perky shape, try a silk camisole that shows them off — with or without a strapless bra is up to you. A ton of in-your-face cleavage isn't the only way to highlight this particular part of your anatomy.

Ali Top, $98, available at Reformation.
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The Shape: East & West
The Top: The Cold-Shoulder Shaper
With breasts or nipples that tend to point in opposite directions, keep everything in place with a top that features designated, cup-like areas. While the bra-like midsection centers your girls snugly, the remainder of the structured, cut-out shoulder blouse is looser, balancing everything out.

Isa Arfen
Off-The-Shoulder Stretch-cotton Poplin Top, $755, available at Net-A-Porter.
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The Shape: Petite & Perky
The Top: Back It Up
Since breasts on the smaller side tend to be self-supported, it's easy to forgo a bra altogether. Without having to worry about bra straps, opt for a backless wonder that's both breathable and stylish.

Shaina Mote Nin Top, $235, available at Shaina Mote.
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The Shape: Shallow & Settling
The Top: Sneakily Supportive
For breasts that are shallow (meaning spread out fairly evenly across the chest) and settling (or hanging below the crease line), opt for a top with double straps and a subtle-yet-supportive under-boob seam to keep the chest lifted and compacted.

Topshop Metallic Ruffle Bralet, $52, available at Topshop.
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The Shape: Uneven
The Top: Ballooned & Billowy
No one will ever know your breasts are two completely different sizes in a frilly, quirky balloon top that billows and drapes over the chest just so. This showcases your chest (and shows off your décolletage) by leaving almost everything to the imagination, rather than a too-tight piece that can make any asymmetry super obvious.

Front Row Shop
Pink Ruffled One Shoulder Crop Top, $37, available at Front Row Shop.
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The Shape: Bottom-Heavy
The Top: The Cool-Girl Bustier
Give teardrop or bell-shaped breasts the under-boob support they need with a cool, unexpected twist on the bustier top. It'll lift things up without any spillage up top, and the clever, all-in-one layering makes this piece look like two-in-one.

No. 21
Sleeveless Striped Knotted Top, $808.86 $566.20, available at Farfetch.
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The Shape: Splayed & Pendulous
The Top: All Under Control
A structured crop top is ideal to hold splayed (separating outward to create a triangle shape between the two) or pendulous (where a majority hangs below the inframammary fold, and there's less fullness on top) breasts in place. And, for those who aren't into going braless, with a piece like this, a bra still fits underneath.

Short Wrap-style Top, $34.99, available at H&M.
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The Shape: Narrow & Slender
The Top: The Criss-Cross Push-up
We get it: Your breasts tend to be longer than they are wide (or less full on top). Make it work with a tightly wrapped crop top that will help lift them to where you want them to sit, and even out the proportions. Plus, a shorter shell will also offer a subtle push-up, to create more volume at the top.

Zara Crop Top, $35.90, available at Zara.
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The Shape: Conical
The Top: Sexy & Shapely
Tops with structure and shape, whether it's through padding or boning, are ideal for conical (or pointy) breasts. An off-the-shoulder blouse like this will help round and even out your surface shape.

Caroline Constas Zoe Off Shoulder Bustier Top, $395, available at Shopbop.
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The Shape: Mind The Gap
The Top: Knotted & Plunging
You may not have thought about it until now, but that wide space between your breasts lends itself perfectly to tops with plunging necklines and in-between-boob details, like this patterned blouse, which combines the two.

Alice McCall
The Garden Silk Printed Crop Top, $190, available at Moda Operandi.

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