The Best Bras For Your Boob Shape

A lot of consideration goes into bra shopping: Full cup or demi? Underwire or wire-free? Lace or cotton? But there's one question we often don't ask ourselves: What shape are my boobs and what type of coverage, support, and style will work best for me?
All breasts are not created equal — maybe not even your own two. Some are narrow, some are conical, some are bottom-heavy, the list goes on. And since the world of underwear and lingerie is so saturated with options, it's okay to feel overwhelmed by the idea of considering yet another (important) factor while shopping for something you basically wear everyday.
To figure out a few of the most common boob shapes and how they might make bra shopping not so easy, we chatted with R29 staffers and came across 10 of the most common. So, whether yours are perky or hang a little lower than you'd like to admit, click though to find out which bra style is best to get everything in place.

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