12 Futuristic Robot Products That May Just Change Your Life

Not too long ago, robots were a thing of fantasy. There was Rosie, the sassy maid from the Jetsons, the terminally wounded officer who returns to the force in the 1987 film RoboCop, and of course, the binge-drinking, chain-smoking Bender — one of the main characters in Futurama. But as we propel forward into a digital era of self-driving cars and unmanned flying objects, these kinds of characters are no longer the product of someone's wild imagination. They represent a believable way of the future that's already begun.
Welcome to 2019, where a robot can serve you cocktails in the comfort of your own home and cats have more sophisticated toilets than their owners. We're living in a tech-obsessed world in which apps have freed us from doing mundane tasks like grocery shopping, and now robots are entering the scene. Want to feed your pet from the office? There’s a robot for that. Want to whip up some roti? There’s a robot for that, too. These robots aren’t just doing physical work, they’re solving problems and responding to their external environments in real time. We're barreling full-speed ahead into a cyber land of super-smart technology and advanced artificial intelligence that's no longer the stuff of science fiction.
Potential of a future AI apocalypse aside, we've perused the internet for the latest in robotic products that will definitely make your life easier. No, these machines won't fold your laundry — yet — but they will perform all kinds of everyday tasks at the flick of a switch. Click through to discover the innovative devices that prove the future is now.
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