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Spring is so close we can taste it. But, sometimes, the ruts we fall into during the frigid winter are hard to shake. Our wardrobe is tired, our beauty is blah, and our homes could use a little sprucing up, too. To say we're feeling a little blasé is, well, accurate. We're tapped out — sartorially and otherwise — from wearing and doing the same things we've been at since November. Enough is enough! Now that warmer weather is within reach, we prepared the ultimate shopping checklist for a better, springier spring.
Say sayonara to black tights and puffer jackets, and issue a hearty hello to silk shirts and pastel-colored work essentials. Welcome brighter hues to your pout and, perhaps, a new seasonal style to your bedroom, too. Ahead, we’re shopping 18 life-enhancing items — fashionable investments, tech innovations, and more — that'll help give you that much-needed reboot. After all, change is in the air.
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For style-conscious career women, this blush blazer and pant from Topshop is the definition of must-have. And, the reasonable price tag makes it doubly appealing. Wear the top and bottom together for a business-appropriate getup that's très chic for the office. Oh, and don't be afraid to style them as separates, too.
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If you are someone who seems to lose your entire life in the black hole that is the bottom of your work bag, listen up. This tote, from brand-new label Daame, has an organizational pocket for literally everything. (Check out the inside view here!) It's sleek and everyday wearable, and you won't lose your phone, charger, keys, or anything else ever again.
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Commit to making your awkwardly sized, not-quite-big-enough hole of a closet a happy place. Sure, your clothes, shoes, and bags are stuffing it to the brim, but keeping everything smelling amazing will make rooting around inside a pleasant experience. So, splurge on a Diptyque scented oval. (Yes, spending $45 on what is basically a glorified room freshener is kind of crazy, but hear us out.) Connie Wang, our style director, swears by this subtle lavender scent. It'll wake you up immediately and make everything feel newer and more exciting — even if it isn't.
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Perhaps it's time to lay off the Jamba Juice and start making your own. Blendtec and Vitamix have really great reputations, but not all of us can afford to spend big on our small kitchen appliances. For something that is ultra affordable but still powerful enough to liquify kale and other veggies into smoothies, try an Oster blender. It retails for about $40 instead of hundreds.

Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender, $37.15, available at Amazon.
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The transition from the frigid temps of winter to the balmier days of spring is blissful, but the sudden spotlight on our washed-out winter complexions? Not so much. To slowly (key word: slowly) transition our skin into more bronzed territory, we're loving James Read's Sleep Mask Tan For Face. Simply apply the lotion instead of your night cream — the formula is packed with cucumber and aloe vera, rendering any additional moisturizer obsolete — a few nights a week, and you'll wake up with gradually glowier skin. Added bonus: The white-and-gold striped packaging is so much more sophisticated than those typical palm-tree-emblazoned bronzers.
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So long to thick, bulky winter comforters. And, hello to colorful, striped Steven Alan for West Elm duvets. Since your bed is likely the focal point of your resting chamber, be sure that it's not only comfy to sleep on but also something you love to look at during the hours you're awake. We can so picture a breakfast-in-bed setup here, can't you?
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Will these Nikes help you save the world? No. But, they will put a spring in your step on and off the treadmill. The 2014 Nike Free running collection is not only top of the line when it comes to sportswear, but these sneaks are way cool for casual use, too. Customize them in a range of colors, desired level of flexibility, and close-to-the-ground ride.
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Persol's Steve McQueen-edition sunnies are back again this spring, featuring that same iconic aviator style we love. And, they're super-duper foldable, which means they'll go wherever we go — rain or shine. The polarized lenses and fine, Italian-crafted materials are just the icing on the proverbial cake.
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Love everything about silk clothes but the price? We'll defer to Uniqlo for the solution. Its selection of long-sleeved silk blouses — in eight color options — will only set you back $49.90. Yes, really. Our editors are obsessed. The simple silhouette and the surprisingly high quality of the fabric means we won't feel guilty buying more than one either.

Uniqlo Silk Long Sleeve Blouse, $49.90, available at Uniqlo.
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Bubbles and beauty don't often go hand in hand — unless you're talking Champagne and manicures, that is. But, the latest batch of skin-care products to catch our eye features bubbling actions to help with everything from upping your radiance to diminishing pores. Not surprisingly, it's Korean brands, always on the forefront of the beauty tech, that are leading this charge. Dr. Jart+'s new Pore Medic line features not one but two bubbly brews aimed at unclogging pores and soothing irritated skin. And, after the winter we've had, our skin needs both soothing and serious excavating. The Bubbling Peel sounds equal parts scary and awesome, so we haven't worked up the courage to try it quite yet, but we can attest to the wonder that is the Pore Minish Cleansing Bubble Carbonated Sparkling Cleanser. Our skin has never looked more radiant and fresh. Bring on the bubbly!
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Our staff writer Kelsey Miller is completely obsessed with the new app Balanced. It's a checklist program, but the goals are things like "be present," "check your posture," "be thankful," "see a friend." You curate your own list of goals and set how often you want to do them. You can even create your own. You'll be amazed by how much this little app will change your day.

Balanced App, available at Apple.
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There's nothing like a warm, sunny day to bring us out of hibernation and to our nearest comfort-food joint. But, it's all too easy to incur a hefty tab weekend after weekend (and sometimes multiple times each). So, why not bring the pastime to your very own kitchen table? After all, poaching eggs isn't quite so difficult when you've got the proper hardware. Perfectly gooey, delicious eggs Benedict is just a specialty poacher cup and a pot of boiling water away. All you'll need to complete the meal is orange juice and Champagne for homemade mimosas. Cheers!
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Craving a feel-happy lipstick to instantly perk up your visage? Marc Jacobs Beauty's limited-edition demi-matte lipstick in Shout will work wonders for virtually every skin tone and complexion. This vivacious pink shade makes us want to ditch our deeper burgundy tubes, like, now.
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This hybrid sneaker-rain-boot is just what we need for mucking around during spring's muddy period (a.k.a. April). A thousand times more lightweight and breathable than rubber, knee-high boots, these water-resistant high-tops are sure to come in handy all season long.

Palladium Boots Pampa Puddle Lite in True Red, $65, available at Palladium Boots.
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Here's an easy (and cheap) way to save your digital life. No need to live in constant fear of your hard drive crashing and losing everything when you've got a bazillion GBs of iCloud storage in your (virtual) pocket. So, go ahead and take 100-plus photos of that newly bloomed tulip bed — even if only one makes it to your carefully curated Instagram feed.

iCloud Storage Upgrades, $20 to $100, available at Apple.
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This crossbody wallet from Etienne Aigner is changing the carryall game from formerly black-hole-ish purses to one we can actually maneuver. Opt for a super-mini, hands-free option like this for nights out. With room just for the important stuff, now you can easily locate your keys, cash, and credit cards. (It even has a handy pocket for your MetroCard/driver's license/Chipotle gift card on the outside.) We promise you'll still have enough room for your phone, too!
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Our skin is so dried out from winter that it feels almost beyond repair. But, Weleda's replenishing formula might just be our saving grace. The creamy Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion helps prevent even more moisture loss, activates our skin’s self-regulating functions, and leaves it feeling revived. Oh, we also love the fresh, fruity scents of mandarin and grapefruit that linger after we lather up.
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Teva is back and better than ever this spring! By blending the best parts of shoes and sandals, this sporty stepper is eager to tackle more than just sand. The combination of the nylon webbing and a durable rubber outsole means your open-toe outings aren't restricted simply to the beach. Plus, the style looks super cute paired with jeans.

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