The Apps You Need If You Walk Everywhere

Photo: Courtesy of Fitbit.
In the past few years that wearable activity trackers have blown up, our understanding of physical fitness has evolved. The old logic used to be that you have to log exactly 10,000 steps or more a day for it to count as adequate physical activity, but we now know that number is somewhat arbitrary.
What's more important than any number of steps is that you keep moving throughout the day. In fact, when the Journal of the American Medical Association published its new guidelines for physical activity, the organization noted that any movement — even short bursts of activity throughout your day — that helps you stay physically active is important for your goal of 150 minutes of exercise a week.
While wearing an activity tracker is not for everyone, using a smartphone pedometer app can be a useful way to track your activity throughout the day. And if you're someone who walks everywhere, then you might be surprised how many miles you're achieving. So, whether you're a professional dog walker, never drive, or love to take meditative walks, these are the apps you should download next.

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