14 Mind-Blowing Hotel Bathrooms We Could Live In

Photo: Courtesy of the Hotel Punta Tragara.
Whether it’s conscious or not, every traveler has a routine when he or she first enters a hotel room. Some head to the window to check out the view, others jump on the bed to test its durability, and some migrate immediately to the minibar to scope out the nips and noshes on offer. My first stop is always the bathroom; it’s where I will soak away the sting from my long journey, and it’s in front of that lighted mirror that I’ll sip a glass of wine while I primp for a romantic night out.

The bathroom can provide major insight into a hotel’s identity and is a great indicator of how hygienic, modern, and generous the establishment is. If robes have holes or the hotel is stingy with products and amenities, guests will take notice.

From teched-out “thrones” to bathtubs primed for lapping up luxury, here are some of our favorite hotel bathrooms around the world.

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