The Best Fashion To #FreeTheNipple

There's no better time than the present to #FreeTheNipple. If you live in New York, Hawaii, Maine, Texas, or Ohio, you should be taking full advantage of the legal ability for women to be topless in public (by comparison, if you're a man, you can #freeyournipple in all 50 states and Puerto Rico). Not only are we nearing the end of skin-baring season, show off your twins and you're making a statement for women everywhere. The campaign, which has been picking up speed for years now and has been largely popularized by social media drama (everyone from Miley Cyrus to Chelsea Handler's gotten in Insta-trouble for taking part), aims to stand against censorship and the sexualization of the female body.

And there are more ways to do it than you might think — you can support the movement with or without going full-on topless. Sure, the following pieces may not be suitable for most workplaces, but whenever the opportunity arises, you'll be armed and ready. Read on for 12 ways to free the nipple in style.

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The Statement T-shirt
Okay, okay, these aren't your own nipples — but they still count because this tee is amazing.
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The Shirtless Collar
This is supposed to be worn under something else, but you could just wear it solo.
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The Wear-Alone Pant
When you ditch the top altogether, try a pant that speaks for itself.
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The Mesh Top
The easiest way to show it all off, while still being (technically) covered up.
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The Barely-There Bra
Why should a bra hide your nipples?
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The Braless Tee
Kill it with fire.

Sugarhigh Lovestoned Burn Your Bra Tee, $125, available at Sugarhigh Lovestoned.
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The Perforated Bodysuit
Pants are optional, too.
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The Open-Knit Sweater
Again, the key here is not wearing a thing underneath.
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The Chain Bra
Avoid wearing in water for fear of rust.
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The Peekaboo Top
Not quite lace, not quite mesh, just the right amount of nipple-freeing.
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The Dressy Dress
You can still eff the man when you're all dressed up.
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The Sheer Button-Up
All buttoned-up, minus the whole bra thing.

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