Why We Shop At Our Favorite Stores

We love the thrill of the hunt. Finding that hidden sartorial gem in the infinite world of stuff is like finding gold (which can actually be the case if we're on a jewelry exploration). And, while we'd never give up trips to the flea market or afternoons rummaging at a vintage shop, we also know that shopping can be just as rousing from the comfort of our couch — thanks to a cluster of top-notch e-shops.
But, instead of just highlighting these sites in the upcoming slides, we’re taking our adoration for online shopping one step further by showing you just why we love these stores. Up ahead, we’re breaking down the very best aspects of our go-tos (some through editor testimonials) and including the must-buys each stocks. So, if you’re down to spend the rest of your Sunday in an e-commerce black hole, click through to check out the sites you’re going to want to bookmark fast — if you haven’t already.