From Plumping Gloss To Cryo Toner, 17 Top Beauty Finds For Fall

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The "best" beauty products are in the eye of the beholder — we all have different tastes. But it's fun to read out what other people are loving. Maybe you'll be influenced to shop. But more likely, you'll read this, forget about it until you're in need of a new makeup brush when you'll remember the R29 editor who talked about the $7.99 makeup brush that "airbrushed" her concealer so it looked perfect on her wedding day. (When I'm shopping for a new makeup brush, that's the one I want.)
Ahead, our most makeup and skincare-obsessed beauty editors speak to the products we're loving. Some are brand new (like the sheer pink lip gloss that makes my lips look filled with hyaluronic acid) and others are just new to us (like the aforementioned makeup brush). Scroll ahead to find something you need to buy, send to a friend, or mentally bookmark for later.
Sara Tan, Beauty Director
“If you are looking to plump your lips quickly without the use of real fillers, look no further than Polite Society’s new lip plumping oil gloss. At first, I didn’t know what to think – I couldn’t get over the tingling you feel immediately upon application. Once I did, however, I looked into the mirror and wow — could it have worked that quickly?! My lips were not only plump, but they were also so juicy! I have never tried a lip plumping product that has worked this quickly and delivered on its promise quite like this. The spicy sensation might take some getting used to, but well worth it for the results.”
“I love any sort of beauty milk, whether it’s for your hair or body, which is why I was so excited to try DAMDAM's newest skincare offering — a super hydrating serum boasting both vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. I had to take a little break from vitamin C recently as the active ingredient was causing irritation, so I was a little hesitant to reintroduce it into my routine. Perhaps it’s the hyaluronic acid or how the vitamin C is formulated, but this is so gentle on my skin, while delivering real results. My skin looked visibly brighter after a week of use and was felt super hydrated too. I’m almost done with the bottle — I use it day and night!”
“Tower 28 can do no wrong in my book! Every product they come out with makes me wonder if it was made for me specifically — I know it’s not, but that’s how much I love their offerings, including this latest launch. I’m not a big concealer girlie, but I like some coverage for day to day. This concealer does just that — provides coverage where you want it, is buildable if you need extra concealing, and sheers beautifully with a moisturizer for a lighter look. I’m between two shades — I.E and Koreatown. They are both now staples in my routine.”
Jacqueline Kilikita, Deputy Beauty Director
Jackie's fall beauty picks:
"My brows are… big and not much keeps the long, thick hairs in check. But I think they may have met their match in Jones Road brow gel. A little goes a long way to freeze them in place without making them feel solid, or leaving behind white flakes, and I love that the beefy spoolie brush captures each and every hair in just one swipe. It can feel a little wet at first, so I’d recommend wiping off the excess on the neck of the tube."
"I love the jelly texture of this. It hydrates and moisturizes dry lips, exactly like a balm, but leaves behind a subtle sheen, akin to a gloss — all without feeling sticky. I’m using coconut, which is more or less clear on my lips, but there are three other shades to choose from: Blueberry, Matcha and Goji Berry, all of which lend lips an understated tint of color."
"I received a sample of this foundation months ago and have reached for it every day since — it’s that good. It’s featherweight, so it feels like you're wearing nothing, but it makes skin look even, dewy, smooth and healthy. I like the texture, too, which is silky and light. If you prefer skin tints over foundation, you’ll enjoy using this."
Megan Decker, Beauty Editor
Megan's fall beauty picks:
"According to Saie's lead makeup artist Stevie Rose, this lip gloss took two years to perfect. "It's really hard to make a lip gloss clean," she explained. The shine usually comes from silicones, but this gloss uses shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and hyaluronic acid instead. More than the light (not sticky at all) feel of the gloss, I love that the shades are sheer, giving that elusive your-lips-but-fuller-and-shinier look. My favorites are Play, a barely-there pink I'm wearing here, and Dream, a berry jelly shade that reminds me of Clinique Black Honey, IYKYK."
"If you like Supergoop! Glowscreen, this is a level up. I prefer this new RMS sunscreen because it's lighter, with a fluid serum consistency as opposed to a more viscous gel, but the subtle glow is still there. It adds instant radiance alone, or I can layer on bronzer, blush, and concealer without any pilling — which is a problem I found layering makeup over other "glowy" sunscreens."
"For me, this new liquid bronzer from Armani is more wearable than the beloved Luminous Silk Foundation. It provides that Luminous Silk airbrushed effect — Armani really figured it out there — but because it's a liquid serum, it can be added to a moisturizer or skin tint for subtle and buildable color and coverage. I add a drop or two into my e.l.f. Halo Glow and rub it all over my face and it just makes me look a little more tan and alive. I also appreciate that it has (admittedly low factor) SPF, because I'll take all the sun protection I can get."
Amanda Mitchell, Senior Beauty Writer & Stories Creator
Amanda's fall beauty picks:
"If there’s one thing about me, mama loves a gimmick, and especially a gimmick that works. Sofie Pavitt’s skincare line has been knocking it out of the park when it comes to releases, and Nice Ice lives up to its very cute name. You keep these toner pods in the freezer, and pop them out to rub on your face as a cute cooling, yet nourishing toner. I’ve never been a fan of the ice roller — why are all of them so BIG??? — but this little pod really helps to reduce inflammation and make my exhausted skin look revived with ingredients like glycerin, niacinamide, green tea extract, and ashwagandha. And given that we’re in the middle of a gnarly heat wave in New York, I’ve never been more thankful to have the ability to cool down and nourish my face at the same time. Pro tip: Use a cotton round when applying it to keep your fingers from getting too cold and as the product melts, you’re not wasting it."
"Is it just me, or did we all stop using masks? I love a mask, but after a month where I tried to do a different sheet mask for 30 days and wound up frying my face, I reserved them for the experts — face masks are for facialists and estheticians and not me. My skincare routine is rather acid-forward as it is — Pixi Glow Tonic forever — so I’m always a little averse to adding many more into my routine, but this mask, which is 25% acids (10% AHAs and 15% PHAs), seems to counteract any negative thought I had about adding in acids. The brand recommends using it two to three times a week to get the best results, so I swapped my beloved Lion Pose UNSPOTTED 4X Acid Jelly Night Serum with this for two weeks and y’all, my skin was even more on point. My biggest concern (my darkish under-eye bags) didn’t look as sad as they normally do. The next morning, my skin looked brighter and bouncier. But what I really loved is that I didn’t feel like my skin had every bit of moisture sucked out of its existence, like some masks tend to do. Oh, and this has a really cute iridescent tint to it, like the I Dew Care Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel-Off Mask that was all over Instagram a few years ago, but this is far more translucent. Lion Pose is still going to be my first grab, but when I’m leaning into self-care in the dark days of fall, Dewtopia and I are 2gether 4ever."
Hannah Rimm, Senior Lifestyle Editor
Hannah's fall beauty picks:
"Graphic liner has been essential to my personal style journey, and as I’ve found my footing, Glisten Cosmetics has been my north star. I’ve tried every water-activated liner in the game, and Glisten Cosmetics has been the most consistent. I’m really digging this Rainbow Split Palette for fall because there are so many shades and options. I’m especially loving the shades Raspberry Punch and Carrot Cake as I transition away from summer brights."
"If I could only use one lipstick for the rest of my life it would be this matte warm plum shade. It’s deeply pigmented, perfectly hydrating, and matte enough to stay on all day. This shade is my absolute go-to for a bolder eye look and goes so nicely with my muted, darker fall wardrobe."
"I’ve had this brush in my collection for a while and mostly used it for swiping on highlighter or blending out eyeshadow, that is until my wedding makeup artist, Erica Ensminger, used it to place concealer on me for my big day. Let me tell you, no concealer has ever gone on better in my life. Since my wedding day, this is the only brush I’ll use to blend out my concealer — it gives my skin a perfectly airbrushed flawless look and I find myself using way less product than I would if I were using a beauty blender or a thicker brush."
Annie Black, Social Editor
Annie's fall beauty picks:
"I’ve learned a lot of new information this year when it comes to beauty, but one thing I’ve never really considered is scalpcare. Does it really matter what I put on my scalp as long as I was keeping my hair clean? Turns out, yes! Your scalp is skin — so why not treat it like you treat the rest of your epidermal layers? While Nutrafol’s products are mostly geared towards those dealing with hair loss, which thankfully, isn’t a concern of mine, I started using their shampoo and conditioner over the summer to focus on keeping my scalp happy because I was impressed by their vegan formula. The conditioner gives my hair a soft and shiny volume, too — and it all smells great, which I do find important."
"Let’s get the hefty price tag out of the way: This Drunk Elephant serum is not cheap at $82. However, it got rid of a few milia I’ve been holding onto for years(!), and out of all of the products I’ve tried, it’s the only one that has ever come close. For the uninitiated, milia are teeny whitehead-like bumps that develop under your skin – it’s teeny bits of keratin. They’re generally harmless, but sometimes can last for years if they don’t go away on their own (or you don’t get them removed). After a couple weeks of using Protini daily, I realized that one by one, my three little milia bumps were disappearing. I’m now down to one, and I could put money on it that it will be fully gone by the end of the week. When this stuff says it’ll resurface your skin, it is not lying."
"I’ve been challenging myself to perfect my at-home manicure, and this shade was chosen for me by my fellow R29 Editor Amanda Mitchell after I mentioned needing a new classic red. While I usually find myself inching towards the cooler reds, Amanda was spot-on when deciding this bright color would go with my skin tone. I love it so much, I’m wearing it for a pop of red with my all-black attire for my first night at NYFW this month."
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