Why Backless Dresses Are Still What's Up

Remember 2007, when going backless was suddenly the only cool way to spice up a dress by showing skin? Showing back felt especially rad in comparison to the traditionally low-cut tops and dresses we were already accustomed to seeing, likely thanks to it being not-so-obvious (not to mention it brought zero chance of a nip-slip).

And the look has never quite gone quite out of style. While it has met solid competition through the years — like the recent resurgence of the plunging neckline — it seems like designers continue to come up with new, ingenious ways to make them interesting again. Right now, for example, instead of flow-y, bohemian backless dresses, we're looking to more structured versions that either employ quasi-complex detailing, or are almost entirely fabric-free, giving us some actual breathing room.

With temperatures going way, way up, there's no better time to bare it all. Ahead, find 15 backless picks to get ahead of the trend — or should we say behind it?

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