The Best Black Blazer Under $100, According To Math

Many of us likely made New Year's resolutions to kick ass when it comes to our careers this year. Fewer made ones to drain our checking accounts in order to do so. It's for this very reason that, in honor of tomorrow's return to work, we had Rank & Style track down the best universal work essential that you can buy for under 100 bucks. We're referring to the black blazer — a piece that can as easily be part of a corporate uniform as it is to pair with ripped jeans and loafers if your dress code is lax. Coming out on top, according to the shopping site's math, is Topshop's Open Front version. It's a blazer that's sleek, minimal, and slightly fitted at the waist. Also, it's $90.
As Rank & Style points out, this basic is a bestseller that consistently pulls in rave reviews. While there's no reason not to invest a little money in a power piece you can impress — or become — the boss in, it's also sort of a relief to know that the financial impact of this buy is far smaller than the sartorial one. It'll be the topper you grab when your cashmere sweater needs a bit of polish, or when a solid shift dress seems too sweet for leading a big meeting.
Thanks to Rank and Style's due diligence, this style, and the nine the team has chosen, will not only save you dough, but they'll save precious time for actually climbing that career ladder. Consider yourself equipped for at least one of your resolutions.