10 Beach Parties & Everything You Need To Celebrate In Style

Summers mean one thing: It’s always time to celebrate. And, where better to do that than the beach? On every coast (even if you're landlocked, there's got to be a lake close by!), folks are taking to the playa to soak in the sun, surf, and scene. And, we're sharing the best ways to fete the return of the season, whether it's at a clambake in Cape Code or in Culebra, Puerto Rico, sipping on cocktails.
Of course, the only thing that can put a damper on all the festivities is trying to figure out what to wear and bring along. No worries there, though, because we’ve taken care of that, too. Ahead, you’ll find oceanside brunches, a beach-based DJ set, a recipe for the perfect lakeside excursion — basically, all the summer fun you could ever want, plus all the supplies you need to make each the best ever.