How To Shop For Swimsuits When You’ve Got Big Boobs

Swimwear shopping is no walk in the park. It's like picking out lingerie, but lingerie that the general public will see you in. And, though you might put more consideration on color, pattern, and detail, also keep in mind that this little suit needs to perform, support, and feel comfortable enough to stay on your body in — and out — of the surf. This is especially the case for women who have big boobs.
The most difficult challenge for any busty woman looking for a one- or two-piece is finding something the provides enough support. No sagging, no spilling, no underboob, and nothing that squishes, either. And, chances are you've gone to great lengths to find it — trying on every swimsuit within a department store, ordering suits online only to return many, if not all of them, and mixing and matching brands, styles, and sizes just to find something that's up to the task. Yes, the struggle is real, but that shouldn't always be the case — at least not when you've got the right tools to help you. 
The eight tips ahead serve as guidelines to not only make swimwear shopping more successful for those with D cups and higher, but aim to give you a bit more freedom so you can actually enjoy your purchase. And, as far as finding that top that's up for the challenge, don't worry, we've got you.