Aziz Ansari Wants To Do A Reality Show With Karl Lagerfeld

Remember that GQ x Nordstrom party, where we found an eclectic mix of men mingling, including the hunky boys of Revenge? Well they weren't the only ones we wanted to steal a minute with. Parks and Recreation funnyman Aziz Ansari [pictured with GQ EIC Jim Moore, naturally] shared his fashion know-how with us, along with his reality show dream project, his beef with denim, and his secret style weapon.

Dream Girl, who would you rather? Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle, or Jesse Spano?
"I mean, I know it’s a cliché answer but Kelly Kapowski."

Who is your style icon?
"The goal is to be like Lagerfeld when you do something so crazy, you can’t even copy it. That’s so funny to me. I want to win a contest where I get to be with Karl Lagerfeld for three days, and he has to be with me the whole time, and we just have to talk about stuff. That would be the funniest, most amazing thing ever. That should be a reality show: me and Karl Lagerfeld get stuck together for three days."


Aziz and Lagerfeld?
"Yeah! Isn’t that cool? He has such an iconic thing. Pony tail, crazy glasses, suits. That’s the deal. Get with the program."

Favorite outfit: Suit and tie? Or jeans and T-shirt?
"Suit and tie. I don’t wear jeans. I don’t like jeans. I’m like the only person who doesn’t wear jeans.

You don’t like jeans?
"I don’t, I think they’re uncomfortable. They’re not comfy pants, I like non-jean pants."

"Chinos sound lame."

Drop crotch pants?
"No, why?! Who could possibly think that is a thing that will be around for a long time?"

What shows are you seeing this week?

"I’m going to Band of Outsiders on Saturday. Pretty Excited about that, then I’m going back to L.A. That’s probably it."

What’s your style secret weapon?
"I like a dinner jacket, with a shawl collar, it adds an extra bit of swagger. A normal blazer is just a blazer, but if you have a shawl that’s cool. And those hats with the propeller on the top."

On style alone, who is getting your vote? Obama or Romney?
"Obama all the way, guy's got crazy style."

Photo: Courtesy of GQ