A Beginner's Guide To Dressing For Your Aura

There may just be a force greater than your credit limit controlling your wardrobe. We're talking auras. (Hey, it's nearly Halloween. Time for some mystical, spooky fun.) Believers in aura colors would say that everyone has one, and they impact everything — even outfit selection. Skeptics though we may be, we're always down to investigate new ways of getting dressed.
Let's start with the basics: An aura is said to be a colored energy field surrounding your body. But, unlike zodiac signs, there isn't any one hue that defines everyone. These "signs" change in tandem with your mood, lifestyle, environment, and day-to-day goings-on. And, while some colors are intrinsic to different personality types, each person could exhibit any number of them at different times.
As research for this piece, we went straight to the highest rated aura reader in Manhattan, according to Yelp. Upon first glance, Magic Jewelry's Chinatown storefront didn't look like much; but it was a pleasant and illuminating experience. Some psychics claim to visualize or sense your aura color. Here, they used Kirlian photography, which is a technique used to capture one's energy field. Not only were our auras drastically different — mine a mix of red and magenta tones and our production assistant Ana's a landscape of cerulean and lavender — but also surprisingly accurate to those who know us.
Though our reader told me that my light red patches spoke to my passion and determination, she pegged my murkier, maroon tones to a lack of sleep (hey, it was a Friday afternoon), stress, and frustration over the past week.
This is a guide to the basics of the whole color spectrum. Even if you've never had your aura read, it'll be fun to guess which colors — perhaps multiple — you exhibit based on the descriptions ahead. And, we've styled outfits that reflect each hue's key attributes for you to shop. (Maybe, let that be your deciding factor.) From brown's practical, down-to-earth vibes to blue's creative, freethinking qualities, see where the spirit moves you.
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Aura Color: Red
It's important to understand that each color has both positive and negative qualities. So, various shades of red represent different moods and states of health, as well as the condition of a person's chakras (in Hindu tradition, these are seven centers of spiritual power in the human body). This is true of all the aura colors. While bright reds are passionate, determined, and full of energy, darker versions indicate a temperament that's easily frustrated and overwhelmed by change.
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Your Must-Try Outfit: Subtly Sexy
This outfit is perfect for channeling red's sensual energy. The open-weave knit and see-through bra are very big for fall.
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Aura Color: Orange
At Magic Jewelry, our reader emphasized that one's aura is in constant flux, depending on your mood and health. If someone exhibits an orange energy field, they've likely just had a very social-butterfly week or month. The color connotes a gregarious, expressive, and creative nature. Warm-hearted and easy to talk to, it's no wonder oranges enjoy the company of others. And, while they can be quick to anger, they're often just as quick to forgive.
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Your Must-Try Outfit: Playful & Outgoing
Between the graphic sweatshirt, zig-zag printed pants, and gold loafers, there's no shortage of boldness in this getup.
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Aura Color: Yellow
While yellows are, predictably, sunny and optimistic, this isn't the whole story. They're also analytical, logical, and often very intelligent. But, this applies mostly to paler shades. The Psychic Library notes that muddier ones could signal stress and fatigue — potentially from trying to do or learn too much at one time. Yellows can also be overly critical of themselves and others.
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Your Must-Try Outfit: Fun & Structured
Shine in an outfit that's as bright as your personality. A graphic clutch and heels with treads show off your modern style savvy.
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Aura Color: Green
If you're always gung-ho for camping trips and count your pet among your closest pals, you likely exhibit green qualities. The aura has a healing, peaceful, and nurturing disposition that lends itself to outdoor activities, cooking, and caring for others. These traits coincide with a need for security, stability, and balance, which can give way to bouts of jealousy and anxiety.
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Your Must-Try Outfit: Outdoorsy
Nature lover or not, this time of year is perfect for taking in the great outdoors. It's cool enough that you won't break into a sweat while trekking through the foliage, but not so brisk that you'll be shivering.
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Aura Color: Blue
A blue aura is benevolent, intuitive, and sensitive at its best. This is why blues are often excellent writers and politicians. They possess charm and are eloquent with words. At its worst, this compassionate aura can tend to take on too much — be it at work or at home, mentally or physically.

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Your Must-Try Outfit: Charmingly Creative
A free spirit should have no qualms about donning this feather-trimmed plaid shirt and pair culottes. In fact, we think they'd welcome the sartorial challenge.
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Aura Color: Purple
Purple auras have an air of mystery. The color is incredibly attuned to the emotions and moods of others, but isn't quite so readable itself. The Psychic Library claims "it is the most sensitive of colors in the aura," relating directly to a person's pineal gland and nervous system. For anyone who's ever gotten a weird tingle in their toes that reverberates up through the spine, this makes total sense.

Aside from being intuitive, visionary, and artistic, violet in the aura may also reveal a person's psychic potential. Like blue, though, it's rarely the sole color in a person's energy field. In Ana's, the color presented itself as a "temporary cloud" — which our reader explained could represent everything from bouts of daydreaming to deep, spiritual thought.
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Your Must-Try Outfit: Dreamy
The daydreamer in us went ahead and reimagined the traditional, schoolgirl uniform. A printed jumper, gray turtleneck, and fancy boots make the outfit feel more grown-up.
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Aura Color: Pink
People with pink auras are a romantic bunch — though you may have assumed as much. This soft shade is sometimes grouped with red or purple (it's a mix of both), but we think it deserves its own category. While reds are passionate and purples are thoughtful and intuitive, pinks are the perfect harmony of both. They exhibit tender, loving, and affectionate traits — sometimes to a fault. Being nice at the expense of being real is a common problem for pinks. Our sources at Magic Jewelry told us those in happy, committed relationships and people who are content with themselves often have the hue in their auras.
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Your Must-Try Outfit: Romantic
Slip into this glamorous midi-dress and faux-fur coat for a night out on the town. '90s-inspired choker to round it out? Check.
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Aura Color: Gray
Gray and black are the downers of the aura spectrum. Exhibiting them in your reading could indicate negative thoughts or feelings: sadness, illness, uncertainty, or lack of energy. In any case, recharging — whether that's watching Netflix all weekend, catching up on sleep, or seeking professional help — is key.
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Your Must-Try Outfit: Comfortable
Sometimes, we need a break from, well, life. In an effort to relax and recuperate, a chunky knit and printed leggings will do wonders, mentally and physically.
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Aura Color: Gold
Those with a gold aura are said to have a bit of the Midas touch. Just about every online source we reviewed claims gold is the color of enlightenment and divine protection, guiding those who have it to a higher good. Not only are these individuals wise and spiritually minded, they are said to possess inner peace and a fully activated third eye — which means they are thought to exhibit clairvoyant skills, if you're the type to believe in supernatural lore.
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Aura Color: Brown
This energy field is grounded, down-to-earth and practical. But, its murkier shades could also represent materialism, closed-mindedness, and a lack of self-confidence.
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Your Must-Try Outfit: Down-To-Earth
Earthy tones and simple staples are the key to your go-to look. The cozy knit, denim skirt, and cool (but practical) shoes make for one perfect weekend outfit — great for indulging in long strolls or brunch.
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Aura Color: White
White in the aura offers many different connotations. Our sources at Magic Jewelry told us that cloudy whites are indicative of uncertainty, shyness, or a lack of consciousness (of whatever is troubling you, perhaps). Meanwhile, less murky shades have transcendent, and even angelic, qualities — lending your aura purity and perfect balance. In fact, many psychics insist that those with pure white in their auras are being protected by a guardian angel or some other benevolent spirit.

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