The New Skirt Shape Is Part Mullet, Part Mermaid

It’s Fashion Theory 101: Even though there’s been little to indicate that hem lengths have anything to do with the economy, it’s a connection that people point to as evidence that fashion and society are innately connected. When times are good, skirts get shorter; during hard times, lengths get lengthier (never mind the contradictions — everything on the runway during the late '00s should have been at least two feet longer). But, it is true that skirts are an item very susceptible to the whims of trends. Think about how quickly a pencil, peplum, mullet hem, or trumpet skirt becomes absolutely everywhere…and then nowhere, just as quickly.
If that’s the case, get ready to be thoroughly confused — and charmed, too — by the new skirt shape: an asymmetrical, tight-around-the-bum, ruffled, pleated, gathered-with-abandon skirt that’s an absolute delight to wear and see. It’s romantic and feminine, but totally weird and awkward, and Toga did it best at its spring '15 show. It’s a high-concept, jarringly off-kilter collection of weirdo clothes for weirder people, which is a total joy to witness during Fashion Week. But, the lopsided skirts are definitely going to start a wildfire of copycats, and that’s a good thing — no matter if you’re the kind of person who thinks wearing sheer trousers is crazy-cool or just plain crazy.

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