14 Art-Deco Wares That Feel Entirely Cutting Edge

While the '60s are overwhelmingly our closet's current era of choice, a few weeks ago when we were Downtown trying the new UMAMIcatessen, the beautiful views of the Eastern Columbia Building across the street riveted us. Statuesque and elegantly eclectic, it's Art Deco style at its absolute finest. And have you ever noticed how the second an inspirational concept enters your mind, you start seeing it everywhere you turn?
Well, it turns out Deco decorated many a spring runway, making a geometric splash at Ralph Lauren, Etro, and Gucci. So in true R29 form, we went a little wild, and cool-hunted for the key pieces from those designers and beyond.
Before you feast your eyes on these posh period pieces, here's a fun historical fact that also serves as a sharp response, post-compliment: The artistic style began in the '20s in Paris, and the obvious Egyptian and Aztec influences were sparked by our ancestors' newfound abilities to travel and the archaelogical digs that ensued. Trés interessant, non?