4 New York Bloggers, 1 Full Month Of Looks

April weather in New York can be kind of crazy. And, by "kind of" we mean that in the span of a single week, we're likely to experience some variety of snow flurries, downpour, and (praise be!) warm sunshine. Spring in the city is unpredictable to say the least, and figuring out just what to wear can be a total mind-bender. As we get dressed every morning, we find ourselves asking, Wait — is it still winter or is it finally spring?! No wonder we've had some trouble making it out the door on time.
The change in seasons calls for a versatile wardrobe, and this April is all about transitional pieces. We called on four of our favorite New York bloggers (who know this wild climate all too well) to help map out a month's worth of looks. So, by the time spring does  finally come our way, we'll have a full arsenal of daily inspiration. Click ahead, and mark your calendars.