60 Seconds With Amber Heard

amberheardPhoto: Courtesy of Relativity Media.
From Zombieland to The Rum Diary to Pineapple Express, Amber Heard is anything but a one-note actress. And her latest role as Emma Jennings, opposite Liam Hemsworth in the corporate thriller Paranoia, only further proves her dynamic range. Below, we chat with the actress about the movie, vintage shopping, and awkward sex scenes.

What draws you to one script over another?
"I like doing characters that I haven't done before. That's really big for me. I loved playing Emma because she's tough, and she's incredibly intelligent."

You have a couple pretty steamy scenes with Liam Hemsworth in this movie. What was it like to shoot those?
"Shooting movie love scenes tends to be the least romantic thing. It's all very technical, and there are a million people around you. It's tough if you don't know the person well or don't like them or feel comfortable with them. But, we were buds, so it was fine."


With all the traveling you have to do for work, do you ever spend time at home in L.A.?
"I got mistaken for an intruder in my own home the other day. So, that should tell you how often I'm home. Travel is the best part of the job and the worst part of the job. I get to go to so many incredible places, but it can also be incredibly isolating."

What about the press part? Have you gotten used to doing interviews and all the notoriety that comes with being an actress in Hollywood?
"I appreciate the irony of being asked this in an interview! The filming part, and finding your character, and collaborating, that's all the best. That's why we sign up. That's not the work part. The press is where you really work for your money."

You have great style. Where do you usually shop in L.A.?
"I don't like shopping for new, contemporary stuff. It can be fun sometimes, but I prefer vintage and secondhand most of the time. Plus, it's much more rewarding to shop for vintage stuff. There's nothing better than finding something amazing after you've been searching for hours at the Rose Bowl in 90-degree heat."

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