Everything We're Buying From The Place Millennials Shop The Most

It's no secret that we millennials shop online like its our job. In fact, we hardly even know what shopping was like before everything was a mere click or two away. But if you asked us which site people our age visited the most, we would probably guess favorites like Nordstrom or Zara. According to Recode, however, millennials actually buy more clothing on Amazon than any other website; in 2016, Amazon registered the most apparel sales of any online retailer in the U.S. for shoppers aged 18 to 34, accounting for nearly 17 % of all online clothing sales to the demographic last year, and more than doubling the market share of the No. 2 seller, Nordstrom (we almost guessed it right!).
When you think about it, though, it totally makes sense: Where else can you find brands like Marc Jacobs and Apiece Apart right alongside ones like Adidas and Levi's? Not only is Amazon a one-stop shop for all the labels we love, but where else can we also get our laundry detergent and a pack of hangers for all those new clothes while we're at it? Plus, the prices are hard to beat, and since we millennials love instant gratification, that whole one-click check out, extra-fast shipping thing moves this retailer right to the top of our shopping list.
And while it may take some serious dedication to get through all those pages, that clearly hasn't stopped millennials from buying all the clothes. Ahead, we've rounded up a few pieces we're currently eyeing.

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