The 10 Trends We Will Forever Associate With Alexander Wang

It’s a Friday night, and you’ve got plans. If you’re thinking about wearing a pair of black leather boots with your sexy-but-not-that-kind-of-sexy black dress and bedhead braid, you’ve got one man to thank: Alexander Wang.
The wunderkind designer defined the downtown look for the past decade and gave us the philosophical counterpoint to the fluorescent, bandage dress, “going-out” girl. She parties as hard, stays out as late, and works a dance floor better than anyone else. But, Wangsters do it in leather jackets and ankle boots, and her drink is made with tequila — not low-cal vodka.
Although the trends have changed — and so has her tolerance for well drinks — she's been loyal to Wang throughout the years, even as she moved her weekend nights from Lower East Side dive bars to Bushwick warehouses.
Alexander Wang is as relevant as ever, and he's enjoyed nearly ten years at the forefront of our closets. In fact, we bet some of the looks you remember most from the times you raged the hardest were inspired by this designer. Since we assume Wang’s got big plans tonight to celebrate his 30th birthday (involving night sports, most likely), we’re going to do a little toasting on our end too by revisiting some trends, styling tricks, and items that have been knocked off, copied, and DIY’d a thousand times over that started with Wang.