15 Sublime Photos That Capture Life’s Most Fragile Moments

What makes a good photographer? Well, if it has anything to do with being able to capture the human spirit in its most vulnerable state, then 21-year-old Alex Stoddard is one hell of a photographer.
One glimpse at his photos and it's clear that the Los Angeles-based lensman, who was named one of Flickr's 20 Under 20 photographers last year, has some next-level creativity. Moody, moving, and at times creepy, many of his images bring to life some of our most powerful emotions — resilience, heartbreak, hope — while others are intended to spin a fantastical story.
"I would describe my photography as being very dark and narrative-based," he tells us. "I strive to balance beauty with meaning."
As for how Stoddard crafts such fascinating imagery? He says it's all in the details: "It takes a lot of time and contemplation for an idea to fully develop. My strongest images are very planned and considered before I even begin to put the pieces in place or begin shooting."
Click through to peek 15 stunning snaps and delve into his world of magical realism.