Well, This Is A $3K Trend Mashup We Didn't Expect

Here's a hint: If you're looking for a truly unique piece, take a peek at the Net-A-Porter exclusive offerings. We've struck gold there before, and today it has led us to this.
It was the chambray-and-lace combo that first caught our eyes, conjuring thoughts of denim wedding-wear and/or really amazing costume ideas for a Seven Brides For Seven Brothers revival. But, really, that's all a part of Alessandra Rich's charm. She's the designer behind these mash-up creations.
Evening wear and lace seem to be a hallmark of the U.K. label, as is mixing fabrics that seem to otherwise have nothing to do with each other. Of course, with any item that blends sheer skirts and denim ruffles, these offerings are certainly an acquired taste. The most wearable of the collection may be the simple, denim maxi dress with a silk, white, button-down top. Or, perhaps the all-white gown with (can it be?) denim jorts at the waist. That one sold out.
Rich already has quite a few red-carpet credits under her belt (she's Diane Kruger-, Evan Rachel Wood-, and Meryl Streep-approved) and will likely win even more fans with her whimsy and imagination. We can't necessarily picture all the designer's creations in our closets, but we appreciate her unapologetic approach to quirky design. Feelin' it? Appalled? Either way, click on for more of the denim/lace evening wear that's likely to ruffle a few feathers.

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