This Adidas Visor Is Big Head-Friendly & Keeps Sweat At Bay

With the days getting hotter and the sun getting brighter, it becomes increasingly important to protect your eyes and skin from the elements. As a member of the Big Head Club, I’ve written about my quest to find hats big enough to fit my large cranium. Since I know the hat struggle intimately, I decided to share one solution I found to be greatly beneficial for warm-weather dressing. Enter the visor. While baseball caps usually have trouble going on my head, visors are big head-friendly while keeping the sun off your face and protecting your eyes from its powerful rays. 

It's stylish, convenient and while I was vacationing, I saw myself reaching for it every time I stepped out the door

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I know what you’re thinking, Chichi I’m not a 54-year-old man that golfs or a tennis player. You don’t have to be either to join the wide, wide world of visor-wearers — I, for one, am definitely not. I took a look at some reviews (there are over 4,000) for the Adidas Superlite 2 Performance Visor and learned quickly I'm not alone in this sentiment. One newly converted visor-lover explained in their Amazon review, "I thought visors were for tennis grandmas. Boy was I wrong. This thing was the highlight of my summer wardrobe working on a lake. Not only was I rocking a sporty-chic look, but it protected my eyeballs from the sun. It also acted like a sweatband on those hot days when my forehead was particularly moist!" Another reviewer, who also has a big head, sang the visor's praises. "It's been a struggle finding hats to fit my head, and I had all but given up for years. I decided to take a wager on this, and I am glad I did. It's stylish and convenient, and while I was vacationing, I saw myself reaching for it every time I stepped out the door." It was reassuring to learn that my experience was shared with so many others. Keep reading to learn exactly why this visor has been a game-changer that's survived many beach days, park sits and so much more.

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I purchased my Adidas visor a little less than a year ago from Amazon when I was tired of having the sun all in my face during the scorching NYC summer. When scrolling through the options online, I ended up looking at visor options made for men because those tend to be a little roomier as far as hats go. There were a lot of different colors for the specific Adidas visor I ended up choosing. Ultimately, I decided on white because I needed something that would go with any type of look. 

The visor feels pretty soft and flexible, which is probably why it’s extremely comfortable when worn for hours on end.

Chichi Offor, Associate affiliate writer
I put in the order on Amazon, and with Prime, it arrived in just two days. At the time, I spent around $20 for it, so it's an affordable price point. I’m not rolling in cash, so this was VERY important to me. There were a few non-branded options that looked decent, but I ended up going with Adidas because I’ve used the brand’s products before and can vouch for the decent quality. 
The material on the visor feels pretty soft and flexible, which is probably why it’s extremely comfortable when worn for hours on end. It’s from the Adidas AEROREADY line that’s known for being moisture-absorbing and keeping things dry. That would explain how, even on my sweatiest days, I don’t need to keep on wiping my face from excess liquid. The visor is also made from 87% recycled materials, which was unexpected but definitely a plus. The brim is pretty structured and not too wide, but it provides a proper amount of shade for your face. It’s very simple to put on and comes with a Velcro strap for very easy fastening and adjusting. The Velcro is also ideal because you don’t have to worry about making sure the buttons and clasps are lined up when putting on the visor. It’s also really easy to adjust while on your head. When it gets dirty, I just hand-wash it in my bathroom sink with a bit of detergent or soap. I have thrown it in the wash, and it's actually come out perfectly fine, so that's an option.
As far as styling goes, I’ve worn it with various bikinis on the beach. I've styled it with jeans and a crop top, and I've worn it with various activewear pieces as well. It's pretty easy to pair with more sporty/athleisure looks. However, you can definitely wear something on the cuter/femme side with this visor, too. For example, I’d styled it with my black Girlfriend Collective workout skirt, a fun bra, and short-sleeve checkered button-down shirt for a fun but functional look that can be worn to a music festival or outdoor concert. 
Honestly, I highly recommend it anytime you are in the sun and need a little extra shade! It really is my warm-weather go-to, and I’m so glad I found it.
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