The ’90s Trend That Hasn’t Made A Comeback — But Maybe Should?

As soon as the '90s became one of fashion's most ubiquitous trends, I wanted to get majorly involved, because it combines two elusive qualities that can be so hard to do well: being edgy and lazy. It’s the kind of look that lets you roll out of bed and throw a dress on over the T-shirt you just slept in, and people are going to think you tried really hard. So, I bought all of the chokers my paycheck would allow, and those iconic oval sunnies made famous by Kurt Cobain. I bought old Fila and rocked (slept-in) T-shirts under my spaghetti-strapped slipdresses. I even went as far as buying a gigantic, old-school, leather FUBU baseball jersey. And so it went, until I found myself entirely out of '90s trends to try.
But a winner never quits, so running out of good '90s styles didn't mean game over. I noticed that most of the pieces I was super hyped on had been deemed the “ugliest” or “worst” on fashion lists from just a few years back. So, I turned my attention back to those to see if there was anything I had missed, and I quickly discovered that many of these seemingly atrocious ideas were not only available at my local thrift stores, but were actually super cool, like bell sleeves, carpenter jeans, and crimped hems (you are allowed to politely disagree — more options for me on the racks!).
That being said, not all the rejected items from the '90s hit home for me. When I remembered the bandana kerchief, my love for it didn’t flood back as readily as it had for all those other trends. With a cocked head, I stared at the images of Aaliyah, Tupac, and Justin Timberlake, debating whether or not bandana kerchiefs could have their 2016 revival, or if they were just dead and gone. But then again, didn't some of our favorite trends, like dad hats and grandma heels, become cool in part because of their unappealing nature?
While the verdict isn't necessarily out on the bandana kerchief, I’m going to give it a try. If you're interested in giving it a go, too, for a 2016 update try swapping the OG bandana for a softer neckerchief. If you’re still not certain, take a look at the slideshow ahead. Just sayin’, a baby Brad Pitt in this look might just change your mind… (Even if it doesn’t, an old-school pic of Brad Pitt is never a waste of time.)

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