This ’90s-Inspired Jewelry Is Da Bomb

In case you haven’t noticed — and how could you not have? — the '90s are cooler now than (probably) ever. Our nostalgia isn’t limited to Clueless gifs, flatform sneakers, and the Spice Girls, either. This season’s best jewelry — think chokers, mood rings, and anklets — is also inspired by the beloved decade.
"Inspired" is the key word. So, you can rest assured the shopping guide ahead is more than a cheesy, mall-store roundup of items meant to help you recapture your youth. You won't find one belly-button ring in this mix.
But, yin-yang and smiley-face motifs, sleek chokers, and ball-and-chain baubles are making their ways back to our accessories collections. Oh, and lest we forget, mood rings have received a very fashionable update lately. We think you’ll agree these pieces are da bomb.

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