NYC’s Most Famous ’90s It Girls — Where Are They Now?

Downtown New York in the '90s wasn’t a place; it was a scene. During that heyday of creativity and artistry, lower Manhattan was a breeding ground for personal style, and, of course, home to a burgeoning, underground club-kid movement that took nightlife to the next level — and then some.
It was a time when Chloë Sevigny ran through the East Village in crop tops and denim jackets; when Kim Gordon rocked out at the legendary White Columns; when Rosario Dawson was just a preteen, growing up in an abandoned building on the Lower East Side. These women all became the It Girls of one of the world's most propulsive cities — though, if you'd asked any of them to admit it, you would have received major eye roll.
The city has changed by leaps and bounds in the decades since, and we wanted to pause and see where the most popular ladies of the city’s coolest generation are now. Miss the Chloës, Kims, and Rosarios of yesteryear? Click through for a dose of fashion inspiration — and a whole lot of nostalgia.