20 New York Dishes You Need To Eat Before You Die

Photo via @kj_claire.
When you think of your favorite food in New York City, your mind probably goes wild. Is it the juicy, Roquefort-loaded burger at The Spotted Pig? The delightfully creamy spicy rigatoni vodka at Carbone? See what we mean? When it comes to picking the most satisfying dish in the city, our minds — and stomachs — simply can't choose.
The one thing all New Yorkers can agree on, however, is that the best meal in the city doesn't come from their kitchens — unless you happen to be someone like April Bloomfield, Rich Torrisi, or Danny Meyer. And, while there may be a plethora of places to dine on a daily basis, there are certain culinary staples you just can't miss. Ahead, we rounded up 20 of the ultimate must-devour dishes. Time to start checking off that bucket list.