Justin Bieber Is Being Sued For Smashing A Phone, Plus More Stories

1. Major News: The Justice Department warned North Carolina that its transgender bathroom bill violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

The warning, which was contained in a letter to Gov. Pat McCrory, said the measure violated federal law under Title VII, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, according to an official who spoke on condition of anonymity. (New York Times)

2. World News: A wildfire in Fort McMurray, Canada, has burned over 24K acres of land.

The fire has scorched more than 24,700 acres — just over the size of the island of Manhattan — since Sunday in a rural community in Canada's Alberta province. About 1,600 structures have been gutted, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley told reporters. (NBC News)

3. On The Trail: John Kasich dropped out of the 2016 presidential race.

An emotional John Kasich announced that he’s ending his campaign in a press conference in Columbus, OH, on Wednesday night. The Ohio governor's decision comes less than 24 hours after second-place Republican candidate Ted Cruz ended his own bid. (Read More)
Photo: REX/Shutterstock.

4. So, This Is Happening: Brazil is building a sex-themed amusement park called ErotikaLand.

It would feature all the typical things you’d find at an amusement park — but with an erotic twist. There will be snack bars, but they’ll be serving aphrodisiac foods. (No word on what foods, exactly, but we can't help feeling a little grossed out by the idea of eating oysters after riding one of the park's genitalia-shaped rides...) (Read More)

5. Weird, But True: KFC Hong Kong has made chicken-flavored nail polish — available in Original and Hot & Spicy.

It comes in two colors flavors — Original and Hot & Spicy. As if that weren't weird enough, KFC fans can paint on the polish and then lick it off. We're guessing that Ogilvy & Mather (the advertising company behind the stunt) took this into account, but the red and nude polishes give a whole new meaning to the slogan "finger lickin' good." (Read More)

6. Lawyer Up: Justin Bieber is being sued for sucking at beer pong and smashing a phone.

A few weeks ago, on April 9, Bieber was performing in Houston and decided to go out to a club, specifically Cle nightclub, for a post-show drink. While there, Bieber elected to partake in a little beer bong action. For those who don't know, a beer bong is basically a funnel used to chug a beer. (Read More)

7. A-List: Channing Tatum is bringing Magic Mike Live to Las Vegas.

Get your dollar bills ready: Channing Tatum took to Facebook to make the big announcement that his movie about male dancers will get its own live show at the Hard Rock Hotel starting in March 2017. Tatum introduced the cast and promised "crazy cameos." (Read More)

8. Cinco De Mayo: We have a whole menu of the tastiest (and easiest) Cinco De Mayo recipes on Pinterest.

We love Mexican food for any and all meals, whatever the occasion. But Cinco De Mayo gives us an extra excuse to gather around a big bowl of guacamole, as well as some of our other favorite eats. Plus, tequila is a festive way to celebrate big Mexico's big victory over France. (Read More)


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