Footless Pants Ask: Are Shoes Becoming Obsolete?

Shoe trends really do come and go. Or, in this case, they sort of just vanish altogether. You see, resort '15 poses an interesting question that's been on all of our minds for ages: Do we even need shoes? Don't shoot the messenger, but we have it on good confidence that a certain extra-long, wide-leg pant silhouette is threatening to do away with feet for good.
With these now-you-see-them-now-you-don't pants, your shoes don't matter. So, let the hemline down on that wide-leg denim and resist the urge to take those crepe pants to the tailor. Instead, find the perfect pair of elevated kicks that will give you just enough height to make the pants' stitches meet the floor. I guess we'll have to buy into this whole "shoe" thing one more time, after all.

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