30 Summer Essentials You Can’t Skip

When temperatures make layering a challenge and perspiration a major style obstacle, you might feel as inspired by your closet as you are by a Saltine. (That is to say — hopefully? — not very much at all.) However, phoning in your look with a pair of cutoffs and a tank doesn't do your summer justice. After all, you've got warm-weather frolics, spur-of-the-moment flings, and margarita-fueled (mis)adventures ahead of you. You'd surely be filled with regret if you scrolled through your Instagram feed come September, only to realize you're wearing the same tired outfit in every snap.
Your summertime wardrobe should be as full of potential as those long, balmy days. To help you pinpoint the weak spots in your own lineup, we narrowed down the season's top 30 essentials. Click on for the bright colors, arresting silhouettes, and frisky design details that'll have you looking amazing from now until Labor Day — no sweat.