Editor Obsessions: A Random List Of What We Want Now

We like our Saturdays to be well rounded. Which usually entails sleeping in, running a few errands, having boozy brunch, taking a quick museum stroll, and indulging in a little lot of shopping before a night out. And, it appears we're well on our way to achieving this glorious weekend bliss — at least when it comes to the shopping aspect, anyway. That's right. We're spending the remainder of this work-free afternoon scooping up everything we need to kick off this new season the right way. And, you know, to have something legit to talk brag about come watercooler time Monday morning.
Ahead, you'll find all the picks we're currently adding to our carts, including super-sweet jewelry, shoes, and bags; beauty goods galore; and the coolest sweatshirt that one of our editors (and Beyoncé!) can't stop wearing. Click through for an insider peek at how we're spending our hard-earned paychecks. But, fair warning, you may just want to drop some cash, too.